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Carbon neutral Roofing

Installing a Green River or Black Hawk cedar shake or shingle, instead of other roofing materials, has on average the same environmental impact as not driving your car for one year.

Green River is leading the way in the roofing industry with our Carbon Neutral Roofing® certification. The Reserve Collection from Green River and Black Hawk are now carbon neutral. When you use our shakes and shingles, you are reducing the greenhouse gas emissions which accelerate global warming.

We certify that your shakes and shingles are carbon neutral, from forest to rooftop.

Global warming green house gas emissions used in the production of The Reserve Collection shakes and shingles are the lowest in the roofing industry.

Pound for pound, wood products use less energy to manufacture than other materials. It takes 5 times more energy to produce cement products, 25 times more to produce steel, and 30 times more energy to produce a pound of plastic.

Green River uses environmentally clean energy to produce its cedar shakes and shingles. Then we erase what little carbon footprint we’ve created by planting more trees that will sequester more carbon during their life cycle.

Green River and Black Hawk shakes keep saving you money every year. With insulating “R-values” that are more than twice that of asphalt, concrete and metal, you reduce your annual energy consumption. And that means fewer greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Cedar shakes and shingles are lightweight. Therefore we can ship up to 4 times the amount of roofing material on one truck than other roofing materials. That means you’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions just by shipping our lightweight shakes and shingles instead of heavy tiles and asphalt.


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