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T.P.O. (FLAT Roofing)

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a highly reflective, lightweight, waterproof roof covering that is designed especially for flat/low slope roofing applications.

TPO Single Ply Roof Systems combine a plastic (polypropylene) and a rubber (ethylene-propylene) to produce a technologically advanced roofing system.

These roofs are reliable, affordable, and environmental sound due to their highly reflective properties.  They can be installed over virtually any substrate and come in a variety of colors. Colors other than white, tan and grey are made per job and must be ordered at a minimum 10,000 sq. ft.

Because the seams are heat welded they are impervious to water and ice. Even ponding water cannot penetrate this system!  Because the heat welded seams are fused together with a process that involves no open flames, it is much safer than the old hot tar or torch down systems.

Finish your roof with custom fabricated 24 gauge metal copings and flashings.  We can bend metal to your exact specifications and have over 30 colors for you to choose from to beautify and enhance your commercial or residential properties.



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