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Basic 3 Tab Shingles
Architectural Shingles
Lifetime Designer Shingles & Slate Roofing


Designed for discriminating homeowners who demand outstanding performance, classic detailing, and a traditional appeal in a basic 3-tab shingle.

Weathered WoodTimberline® Prestique® High Definition® Lifetime

For just pennies-a-day more, you can enjoy our thickest, longest-lasting Timberline® Prestique® High Definition® shingle—and increase your resale value, too! Features GAF-Elk’s patented “High Definition” color blends and enhanced shadow effect.

SlateTruSlate™ - Genuine Slate Roofing

The TruSlate™ system can make your dream of owning ­a genuine slate roof a reality. It features real hand-split quarried slate, not some synthetic imitation. Most important, TruSlate is often comparable in price to imitation slate.


Royal Sovereign® shingles combine a simple, timeless beauty with GAF’s well-known quality — making it our most popular 3-tab shingle.

TimberlineTimberline® Prestique® High Definition® 40

15% thicker than standard

30-year architectural shingles, Timberline® Prestique® 40 shingles feature GAF-Elk’s patented “High Definition” color blends and enhanced shadow effect.


GAF-Elk's top-of-the-line shingle—yet it's only a fraction of the cost of expensive slate or wood shakes. With a genuine slate-like appearance and Super-Heavyweight “Plus” construction, Camelot® may be the finest asphalt shingle ever made!

TimberlineTimberline® Prestique® High Definition® 30

Get great value and performance in a distinctive wood shake look. Include GAF-Elk's patented High Definition® color blends.

Grand CanyonGrand

The ultimate choice for a rugged wood shake look. Carefully sculpted shingle tabs combined with a subtle “shadow effect” result in a sophisticated yet rugged design. Safer than wood shakes because they are UL Class A fire rated.

TimberlineTimberline® Natural Shadow™

For those who want less contrast in their roof, the classic Timberline® Natural Shadow™ shingle is the right choice. Adds a subtle, even-toned look with the warmth of wood to your roof.

MansionCountry Mansion®

Get the look and charm of hand- crafted slate. Unique design creates a timeless, turn-of-the-century look - great for historic properties, especially Victorians, or even charming cottages.

TimberlineTimberline® Prestique®

For a dramatic statement, choose the rich depth and dimension of Timberline® Prestique® Grandé® 40 shingles. They're 47% larger than standard architectural shingles for a more genuine wood shake look.

SequoiaGrand Sequoia®

Patented, extra-large shingle with unique design helps create a dramatic visual impact for prestigious homes and properties. Safer than wood shakes because they are UL Class A fire rated.

Timberline Prestique®
Cool Colors

The revolutionary Cool Color Shingles combine the visual impact of Timberline® Prestique® 40 shingles with potential energy savings. Offered in a palette of rich, organic colors. Meets initial ENERGY STAR requirements.

Grand SlateGrand Slate™

A stately accent for the finest homes and properties. Massive, extra-thick tabs and specially-blended color palette create the look of real slate shingles.


ArmorShield™ II

Timberline® ArmorShield™II impact-resistant shingles with High Definition® color blends provide a beautiful looking roof with the extra protection that a UL 2218 Class IV rating can provide. May even qualify for insurance discounts!


The classic look of random-cut European slate. Random-cut design results in a timeless, turn-of-the century look—especially great for historic properties, Victorians, or even charming cottages.



The look of slate at a fraction of the cost. Patented, extra-large shingle with bold shadow lines and tapered cut-outs. Especially great for historic properties, Victorians, or even charming cottages.


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