Metal Roofing Installation Services in Missoula, MT

If your roof has started to leak or sag in some places, you are probably ready to get a new one. You have a lot of options, but metal roofs carry a lot of benefits that could make the slightly higher price tag manageable long-term. Read more about the advantages below, or contact Independent Roofing in Missoula, MT, to learn about our metal roofing installation services.

Why Metal?

Metal roofs enjoy a relatively long life span, often lasting for decades. If you install a metal roof as an adult, it will likely last as long as you do in your home. In addition to its typical longevity, a metal roof is also noncombustible and won’t warp or crack, so it can withstand natural disasters better than some other roofs as well. Plus, this perk might decrease your insurance rates.

Although the metal roofing itself may cost more per square foot, its lightweight attributes can translate to decreased transportation and material costs. Additionally, because it doesn’t crack, leaks are unlikely to happen. Overall, metal roofing is a financially sound choice, especially since you likely won’t need to replace it during your lifetime.

Why Independent Roofing?

We are proud to provide high-quality services and products for the entirety of our project and beyond. We offer excellent warranties on all our roofs for your peace of mind and because we are confident in the quality of our products.

When you work with us, you can rely on our combined experience of over 50 years and our commitment to our customers. We are always honest with our clients, and we seek to address every concern. We’ll keep your home and your belongings safe from leaks and provide you with excellent customer service as well.

To learn more about metal roofing or the other options we offer, call us today at (406) 396-6077.